Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Terrarium gone BAD.

Whenever I start things they sound like a great idea. Now I won't lie, when I'm doing said projects (in the back of my mind) I'm always sort of wondering if they will really work. Remember this post? I was pretty excited about it! I spent about $40 getting everything together and I really thought it would work. Well no, not really...somehow I knew it wouldn't. Somehow I just KNEW!

Remember how cute this looked? I thought I was living the dream when I planted it!

So one day I came home and I spotted this. You see, my husband thinks this stuff is hilarious. Not just a little funny, HILARIOUS!  I'm pretty sure that as the days went on and my terrarium went from looking fab to drab, he saw the writing on the wall. I was still trying to ignore it.

The note is a little blurry, but Jason thought he was quite clever to put a note in pretending like it was my next blog entry. The funny thing is...he was correct...the day I found the note I looked on the blog and the next entry would have been #47. Just as the note says. Apparently the note had been in there a couple of days. Okay, I know, I'm not super observant! I have animals to take care of people! I'm not a terrarium tending sort of girl. Can you read the note? It says, "Blog entry #47: The new thing is growing mold in your terrarium. -Stacy" Nice. I did get the giggles though. 

So this is my terrarium! The sad thing is that I loved that fern. It really didn't deserve an end like this. It was too pretty. I'm sorry fern, I tried. Sort of. I mean I feel like I tried. For a week or two.

What I won't show you is that I stuck another plant in there and that died too. I will now be using my glass apothecary jar for dog treats or wine corks. I can't kill those.

We all fail!

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