Sunday, March 13, 2011

A Long Winter...but a few new things that make me happy!

There's this wonderful occasional sale called The French Flea. It's somewhat dangerous for me, if I'm being honest. I go online and see what they have coming up at their sales and decide if I want to go or not. NOT such a good idea! I went online last week and spotted this:

Do you love it like I do? I knew I had to have it, but I WORK when they open on Thursdays at 10 a.m. and I knew it would be snapped up by someone immediately. I showed Alyssa and how nice is she...she went and picked it up for me! I feel so lucky! The best part about this chair, my friends, is that it was $105. That's it! Did I mention that I feel lucky??? Here's one more pic with the pillow that Alyssa also found for me:

I'm hopeful that Spring is on it's way. I want to start creating an outdoor room that we can enjoy for a few months out of every year. Until then, I decided to show you a couple more things that make me happy around the house. I love these green apples...they are so cheap and easy to add for a pop of Spring color! You can get them at Pottery Barn. I didn't get my bowl there but, wow, it looks similar!

And without these I would be lost...

Oh, and this one too...

Okay, okay! This one too...not me, the other one! My husband, Jason.

Spring Break is coming for me and I will get some projects posted. Do something cheap and easy around your house in the next couple of weeks and think of Spring! Things are feeling fresh and alive!

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