Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Pinterest Post - Why should the door have all the fun?

Ever since seeing the Walrus doorknob in Copenhagen, I have become a little obsessed with doorknobs. There are so many fun doors out there and yest somehow sometimes the doorknob gets forgotten. Which is really too bad as that is the first tactile experience you have upon entering a space. 
So, today my Pinterest picks are an 'Ode to the Doorknob.'

  A little Alice in Wonderland whimsy.

Color me happy. 
(Was at Anthropology. Of course!)

 Crystal in any color makes me happy. 

 A little vintage hand...holding a tomato?

 Hello, My name is....

 The informative doorknob.  Anthro always has the best things.. 

Enjoy your day! Happy doorknob hunting. 



  1. I've know a few door knobs in my life!

  2. Oh.. me as well.. Dealing with two that take the cake right now!


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