Stacy's House

Here's my Cozy Urban house. It's a work in progress so keep that in mind! My home is in a constant state of change and I love that. We have made lots of changes in the past 12 years and we are always looking to do more. We could move to something bigger, but I just can't. I love my neighbors, we've had great memories in this house, and we are trying to practice living with less. Do two people need more space?

You guessed it...the front of my house. Look for changes soon.

The backyard. In all it's glory...a total mess right now...notice the dog run! YIKES!

More of the tiny backyard. Again, big changes to come. Isn't our new fence cute?

Our plum tree and the horrid parts of our yard...I promise it will get better!

Here's our dog, Tinkerbell. Oh...and our Living Room too. 

Another Living Room view. Yes, I love animal print!

Here's our girl again. And my wall of tiny pictures. It's currently my favorite thing.

My new leopard print carpet on the steps! Another favorite!

Spare bedroom. You might remember the chair from an earlier post. I'm a furniture hoarder and have not found a place for it. So here it sits...the cats love it. The trim needs to be painted in this room. That will be a summer project for me and I will update my picture when I finish.

The bed. I know, I know...I state the obvious! Do you like the boob light? I'm waiting for the perfect chandelier for this room. Still have yet to find it!

Another addiction of mine. I love perfume!

Yikes. This is a spare room turned bar/library/sitting/dressing room. Confusing, I know. It's sort of a mess too, so I will get it organized and snap another picture. It feels very schizophrenic right now.

Here is another view of that room. I use this as my dressing room

And....another view! I'm thinking of moving this chandelier into the spare room. Notice my sock monkeys? Don't be jealous! I've always wanted one and my friend bought me two!

My cats keep the sock monkeys company. You will also see that I need to paint the trim in this room.

The bathroom! Tile on the floor is on the project list. Watch for it!

YUCKY! This is my kitchen. The cabinets KILL me. I have done nothing with them yet because we aren't sure if we want to paint them or replace them. I will say that this room is cuter in person than in pictures.

This would be the eating area in the kitchen. I would like to see some changes, but overall this area is decent!

That's it for my home tour! Watch for pictures of the master bedroom, and lots of projects. I can't wait to document all of the great things we plan on doing. I hope it will give you ideas for your home too!

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