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    Ok.. here are some rough shots of the exterior of my house. I wanted to get them today because my dad is on his way over with a tractor to tear up our backyard.

    So, I have owned this house for 5 years. I bought it a year after my divorce and for me it was my first big accomplishment in life. Something that was mine and I did all by myself. Fast forward 6 months alter, I met my now husband and a few months later he proposed. He came with a son so my 3 bedroom filled up very quickly. We had to finish out the basement to have enough room for all of us as what is now Kai's room was Avery's playroom. I will share more on the basement project later.

    Back to the backyard. The backyard is nice, big and sloped. We have been up in the air about whether we are going to stay in the house or expand it for the last year now and due to financial constraints we will be living as is for another year at least. As for the yard though... I have put my foot down. I recently scored a fabulous outdoor sofa from Pottery Barn (I work there part-time) and want a nice flat place for it to sit. I also want a nice flat place for our dining table to sit.. oh and it would be nice to not have to mow under everything! So, now you know the reason for my dad's impending arrival with the tractor. He and my husband are going to make the area on the right flat by digging it out and then putting in retaining walls in the areas that we need to. This is going to be a super cheap project as we are just going to be using brick scraps from my dad's projects and anything I can score on Craigslist and finally filling in said area with cypress mulch. I would much prefer gravel, but if we end up adding on then the mulch is a better short term solution. Now for the great unveiling of my house. Sorry fo the lack of wood chips in the garden and plants actually planted. We live in the tundra after  all and it has been a cold spring. We are going to move a lot of the dirt to the front where I am going to create a berm type garden in and around the little pine trees we planted.

 Front. Ohhh.. Ahh... 

 Mickey Gomey.. Isn't he a cutie.. He is the in the garden on the left of the walkway. 

 The right side of our house. This is typically lush with morning glory, but alas it has been too cold to grow it so far. Also in the distance you can see the grape vine that we have trained to go up wires to the top of our house in a month it is lush and full and looks so cool over head.

 My favorite in the back garden. The Allium... getting bigger everyday. This year I have 2 new ones.. I love perennials that make babies! :) These have the giant purple heads. I will be sure to share when they bloom.

 I  had to share this little gnomey. He sits on our dining table outside.

 See the grass.. Soon it will be wood chips! WooHoo!

Of course a 1950's rambler would not be complete without these guys! 

And now the interior... however slowly they get posted..

Master bedroom in the basement... This was the guest bedroom prior to my office moving home. I do miss having a guest bedroom and being on the same floor as the kids.
That is Ella the crazy one hanging out in the window sill. She is the grumpy stevens of the house.

Our fabulous 1950's dresser with a painting done by one of Eric's family members. Now my goal is to find some fabulous nightstands to go with this wonder. The red.. kinda suck. They were a pre-me husband purchase.  ;)

And what is behind door # 2 you ask.. my jewelry. I am going to update this as a mini pick-me up some day soon. I have reached my limit on the current set-up and feel that it looks to messy.
So stay tuned for that update.

 Master Bath... again.. this was the guest bath prior to us moving downstairs.

 Sorry for the bad lighting here. I have a decent camera... but need a proper flash and perhaps a few new lenses.

I had to share the cute little ducks that we got from the Peabody Hotel in Memphis. Sooo cute.

My really compact, full, super functional and totally make-due kitchen. The ultimate in make-due design.  Don't ask about the blue.. not sure what I was thinking that day. It is fun.. but not what I would really want.

 Notice Trouble lounging. What he does best!

 Yes. I took the photo prior to putting this dishes away... I thought about cleaning it up and then thought... that is not how it normally looks.. So,
I went with it.

Kitty dishes... cute.

Update! The living room.. at least the half I am showing you... was clean enough for photo's... though they were taken at night. So.. not the best photo's.... but you get the idea!

Before the White paint freak out... The story goes, I tried to match the trim paint once again and it came out terrible. So, I threw in the towel and selected plain jane white paint. For the trim, semi-gloss for the walls eggshell. Color the same. No worries about getting trim paint on the wall and vice versa...

 White all around... Looks a little bland in the photo is actually quite nice... Please excuse the rust sofa. It is a 50's Flexsteel sofa awaiting new fabric.

Well, that is all for now. That is until I get another room clean. :)


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  1. I love it! Fresh and clean I have to do mine! -The cousin :)


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