Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Cutest Wall Finish Ideas - Found in Eureka Springs, Arkansas

These can all be found in this cute little restaurant named Local Flavor...  kind of at the entrance to the historic part of Eureka Springs,  Arkansas historic area.

 Paper collage ceiling nook.... Love. 

 Who doesn't drink a lot of wine these days... I bet you could have enough corks to fill up a message board like this in 6 months or so. :) Just stay away from those screw tops and waxy corks for a bit. 

This last one is a mural of a pear.. it was on a wall in a narrow passage way and the restaurant was busy.. so sorry for the weird angle... Who needs art when you can paint it directly on the wall! Love the colors and textures of this. 

PS... this is a cute little restaurant and a yummy restaurant! 


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