Wednesday, June 22, 2011

A little bit of summer...

 Poppies... I love poppies. The above poppy I planted in the front garden last year from seeds. Not one came up last year. I was sooo sad. Then this year this line of weedy looking plants started growing. I decided to let it be and see what came of it. Amazingly it was the poppies I planted last year! These are amazing. They have black centers and are so striking. Just lovely. I added two more poppy plants to my collection.

 Shopping up north! We were driving out of the cabin last weekend and came up on this table filled with bird houses for sale. They are made out of scraps and were adorable. The one we took was only $4.00! Such a deal as my grandmother would say. Now to find a home for it down here in our urban utopia.
 S'mores. Yum. 
Photo Credit: Avery  9-years-old

And backyard fires... This is our favorite thing to do in the summer.. Start a fire and hang out outside. Random people tend to pop by for a visit which makes it all the more fun!

Happy Summer! 

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