Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Terrarium Time!

You will all see, very soon, that Alyssa is the one in this duo with the green thumb. For some reason, no matter how hard I try...plants do not live under my care. Could it be the lack of water? I thought plants could go for a month or two without being watered. No worries, when I realize that it's been a while, I compensate by completely over-watering. So I saw this blog, The Robots Attack, and decided to try it myself! It is my husband's cousin's blog so please check it out! She has some very creative crafting ideas!

So I bought this apothecary jar for cheap! I wasn't going to spend a ton because who knows if it will work!

See this? $9.99...go to HomeGoods! They have a great selection of these.

Now go buy some small filler rocks. Target has them for pretty cheap, but Ikea would be better. However, if your only choice is to visit Ikea on the weekend stick with Target. Ikea can instantly ruin a good mood if you go on the weekend. There's no sense in that.

Then get some activated charcoal. You can find it at your local garden store or on Etsy.

Then some potting soil. I'm not a fan of this stuff because it's not organic but it's what I had.

So this is the order you put these things into the apothecary jar...
Filler rocks (about an inch)
Activated charcoal (about 2 inches)
Potting soil (about 4-5 inches)

Now loosen up the roots on your plant/plants.Once you have loosened up the roots, stick it in the potting soil and give it a drink of water...but not too much! I chose this fern because it pretty much fills the whole jar.

And here is the end result! I love this new green friend of mine. Keep it in a sunny window and water it once a week or so. Take the lid off every once in a while so it doesn't rot. There's lots of moisture in the jar. This is the part of my instruction that I can see myself forgetting.

Happy planting! What good stuff are you planting in your jar or garden?

I'll be back soon!


  1. Oh! I love this! Great fern and great idea!

  2. Thanks! It's easy as can be and it's fun to have a little green in the house...especially when it's still snowing and it's almost May <3


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