Monday, November 14, 2011

Today's Etsy!

If you know me you know I love cats, so when I saw these on Etsy, I knew I had to show you. I will be getting one very soon!

I can't resist this one.

But this one is so cute too!

Or maybe this one?

I just don't know how people can be so talented. If I could do something like this, I'd wallpaper my house in them. I can't even draw a stick figure...


Sunday, November 13, 2011

Today's Etsy!

For the love of frames!

I love, love, love this frame. I can see it with a picture of someone you love sitting on your nightstand, can't you? At only $14 (YUP!) you can buy two!

The colors are so great together...I would do a whole room around just this frame!


Amazing Architecture!

Okay, I's been almost a month since I posted last and I promised a continuation of my Sunday Drive post. I'm finally back and I've decided to do a post every day this whole week. EVERY SINGLE DAY. You don't believe me? Watch me! In my defense I must tell you that I did break my foot and am wearing a cast. Life has been a bit challenging lately and while that is no excuse, I hope it's reason to at least check back this week and see what I have for you! I've missed you!

Back to the architecture! My husband went to a Lutheran college in Minnesota called St. Olaf. We drove through while we were out last month to look at the Fall color. In theory this was a great idea but the wind had blown most of the leaves off of the trees and I ended up being glad because it made me notice the amazing architecture! What I saw follows.

They even plant beautiful mums all over campus. I guess the hefty price tag pays for a few perks like this.

So while Jason sat in the car with Tinkerbell in tow, I went off to take some pictures.

The buildings are fantastic! 

More colorful mums planted at the other entrance. I loved the combination of colors.

Did Jason have ANY idea how lucky he was that he got to see things like this everyday? I doubt it!

Can I live here?

Look at these fantastic light fixtures! They are huge. I would love a house with these outside.

The detail on these buildings is incredible. They don't build things like this anymore.

The entrance is grand and the fixtures on each side are, again, gorgeous!

This one is my favorite. Do you see this design in everything these days? From iPhone covers to wall stencils. All those years ago they were really onto something.


So we drove around the neighborhood a bit and I took a few pictures of some of the homes and shops.

I love this one! The colors they chose are wonderful!

And who doesn't like the classic white with black shutters and red door? 

The town is quite charming and I wish we'd had more time to shop. 

This garden store was so cute. They were all decorated for Fall and I would love to drive down and see what they do for Christmas. 

After all of that, we took our dog, our apples, and ourselves and went back to the city.

See you tomorrow with something new!

Thanks for hanging in there with us; we didn't forget about you!


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