Thursday, June 23, 2011

Life With Cats = Birds.

So, I was going to share this photo yesterday of our cat Hazel and how sad she was that it was raining yet again. Isn't she so sad and depressed looking? Pillow Credit: Avery, age 9.

 Yawn. Then again maybe 'roar'. 

Fast forward to today. Not raining. Or at least not a heavy rain. So, the cats can be out. And out they went to play and frolic as only cats do. Avery & I had a few errands to run and I had an interview for another blog I am working on... needless to say we were out for a bit. We came home to a bit of a surprise though. This little guy was in the window, between the blinds and the window! 

Suspect #1. Hazel. She has been the only to one catch birds. Usually they die a sad death, but alas this one is a survivor. Alive to tell the tale to all of his birdy friends.  

As it turns out my neighbor saw him first in our window and texted Eric. I arrived home shortly after that and called Eric in a panic of what to do...At which point he said he knew and was coming home. I was a bit confused and not really paying attention as I was trying to open the blinds to the let guy out. Which in retrospect was not necessarily the right thing to do as then he would be free to fly all over. As luck would have it this little guy just dropped to the ground. At which point I got a little nervous that he was injured. Knowing Hazel that would be no big surprise.  But then Trouble stopped by to say, "Hi!" and the bird flew over near the front door. Trouble about had a heart attack and I was yelling for Avery to grab Trouble because now he had that... there is a bird in the house... look in his eye. Long story short, she managed to grab and hold all 20 lbs of Trouble and I opened the screen door to let the little guy out. He flew away.. quickly I might add and now all is well and fine in our household once again.

 New painted window sill. Bird Poop. Awesome. 

Trouble. Where'd he go?? Doh.. He is our rather dumb cat.. Note the feather behind his tail..

Enjoy my life. From afar. Oh and this is the 4th bird we have had in our house. The first live one, though. She usually leaves them by our bed as a little thank you for taking care of me prize. So sweet, little Hazel.


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