Friday, April 8, 2011

Another day, Another Door Knob....

Door knobs. How exciting! Recently, we changed out our entry door knobs from this:

To this....

The wonderful cipher lock. We did this because of my inability to take my keys out of the door after I unlocked it and my supreme ability at locking myself out on a regular basis... yep, almost weekly at times. Once I locked myself out during a mini show storm. Thankfully, my husband saved me after only 30 minutes of trying to snuggle and stay warm in my storm door. The added bonus is that the kids can get in anytime they need to and don't need a key to open it. Ahh, the wonders of technology. Now my only request is design... because the top one is a total yawn of a design if you ask me. The next one although, I like the cipher part, the handle is a little too curly cue for our 1950's rambler. When I was in Copenhagen I saw this... and sooo want it for our house. Now only if it came as a cipher lock. :) 

William the Walrus. Isn't he the cutest! 


Thursday, April 7, 2011

One more post... Aren't these just the cutest!!

I saw these wall stickers on the Upon A Fold site... Super cute! 

They may show up in Miss Avery's light switch soon...we have 3 cats so that is the one that caught my eye...

Shopping - Copenhagen Style.....

So, I was recently in Copenhagen. (Ok, yesterday.... well, actually I started this post on Monday at least... I blame the rest on jet lag and taxes.  :) )

Unfortunately, I had the flu for the first few days left over from our vacation with the kids the week prior at Disney World. Needless to say, I didn't do to much those first few days. I laid in bed and looked out onto the square that I posted previously. The biker riders of Copenhagen have inspired me to bike more this season. I am going to get a basket so I can do my grocery shopping and other errands in the neighborhood.

The design and shopping of the Danish is super fabulous, as I found out a few days into the trip. The main shopping drag is Stroget. (the o should have a slash through it but I am not sure how to do that on blogger) This street has all of the big commercial stores that we have here in the states, but they also have Illum a large department store in Denmark. It was very typical of the department stores here, though the clothing is much more fashion forward and creative. They also had an artist (painter) working near one of the entrances which was fun to watch.

The real shopping I found was on Komagnistaede. I found a ton of antique stores as well as designer shops. Tons of fun! So... wishing I had a few thousand to spend on this trip. As it happened I didn't have much so I came back with a few coffee spoons. I have been collecting them on every trip it seems. How much coffee can one person drink! Also, this cute little red pig.

He looks scary here.. but he is really cute.... We are wanting to get a teacup pig.. ie.. why we picked him up.

The following are some of the other cute stores I found along my many cute stores I will share over a few days... then get back to my projects at home..  Enjoy!

The most amazing silver jewelry.. unfortunately the silver smiths were not there when we were :(
 Owe Silver Artist is the shop. Above his shop is a fashion designer that had the best rain coats.. MaxJenny


This shop has the cutest ceramics and interior decor.. Love the flower me happy quote... Makes me think spring! I can't wait to get out into the garden this weekend.

This is the outside of the shop.. Stilleben

One of my favorites.. where we got Mr. Pig... Fannymia

The owls here and fabric were adorable... I had so many ideas...just not enough space in my case or dollars in my wallet :)

The last one of for today was this little shop around the corner from our hotel... We stayed at The Square Hotel  Lots of Marimekko, ceramics and all sorts of things Danish. Fun shop... Oh and note the Carlsberg sign up on the top.... That is the beer of the area. The brewery is in Copenhagen. We walked there one day to see the architecture and take a mini tour of the brewery on our own.

Have a great day! Enjoy the links, shopping and ideas!


PS... My husbands conference in in Vienna next year.... so excited!

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