Tuesday, June 21, 2011

How does your garden grow?

Since Summer is now in full bloom, I thought I'd share some pictures of my flowers and yard. We have a bit of a project coming up in the backyard but I'll save that for later. For now, though, I'll show you what IS looking good, urban and charming. I will refrain from showing you the super shabby areas of our yard...because shabby in a yard does not equal charming!

I love how the front of the house looks when things are really lush in the summer. We'll soon be changing the shutters, awning, and a few other things. I'm hoping it will look even better when we get these things done.

My front pots are looking gorgeous this year! I love them. When we first moved in I had about 5 really good years of flowers and then I lost my touch. I think I just lost interest for a while. This year I decided to really concentrate on getting back to making up beautiful, lush plantings. I'm so happy they turned out good...it makes me happy!

This is the only pot of flowers that I bought already put together. Mostly because my local garden store was having a half off sale and I got it for $17! It is PACKED with stuff. See that little sticker to the left of the picture on my door? That's to let the firemen know how many animals they will need to rescue in case of a fire. Leave me to burn, but you better get my animals out safe!

My Coleus is loving the heat, rain, cold, heat, storms, rain, cold this year. I'm telling you...this summer is very odd in terms of weather. I am not complaining though. The yards are looking lush and I haven't had to use my air conditioning as much!

Here's some more Coleus. Do you notice that I tuck little surprises into all of my pots? I am a big fan of adding things that people don't expect. Roosters, gnomes, birds, and lots of other fun things. People always notice and take the idea for their pots too. I'm flattered! Tuck some fun things into your pots this summer and see if people notice!

Our Magnolia bush is growing like a weed this summer! I always look forward to Spring when the blooms come out because the smell is like heaven, but I think the leaves are beautiful too.

The wild rose bush has bloomed and when we walk out our side door all we smell is the wonderful, soft scent of roses. I have been known to sit on the side step on breezy days just to take in the smell.

You know those little roses that people bring you as a gift when they come to your house? The ones you get at the grocery store? My friend Elisabeth brought me these about 12 years ago and I planted them outside. I had no idea that they would work, but they did! They come back every single year without me doing a thing.

Here's one of the lavendar plants we've had for about 6 years. Some of them died over the winter because of all the cold and snow...I was really disappointed, but we went to the farmer's market and got more. Hopefully this winter won't be so harsh because we've always had great luck with our lavendar.

This is an area back by the garage that I'm really quite fond of. I wish my whole yard looked like this. It feels like an English garden. I cannot, however, have a ton of plants in the backyard. Why, you ask? We have a 53 pound black lab mix named Tinkerbell who is not so fairy like in the garden. She is part pitbull so we call her our PITBULL IN A CHINA SHOP. She's is the sweetest girl ever, but she doesn't have the same regard for my garden as I do.

I got this birdbath fountain for half off a couple of years ago and it's one of my favorite things in the garden. It is not running yet because we need to get electric wired into the outside of our garage. It will happen eventually....

Here are my Cosmos and a few Zinnias. I made the mistake of planting them too close together last year. They were still pretty, but I learned my lesson. They started wrapping around each other and were almost impossible to cut. I mostly use them to bring in and put in vases. I will take more pictures when they are in full bloom. Have you had cosmos before? If you haven't, try them. They do great in sunny spots and are so pretty and delicate...again, English garden looking.

I'm going to be honest and tell you all that I am not a huge fan of cheesy whirly-gigs. That's what I call these. My husband's parents made this for me so it is very dear to my heart. I have it up all summer and have learned to love it. It's a bright spot in my garden and I love the sound of it when it's windy out.

Here are a few more of my yard decorations. I get a new thing (or two) every summer that I love. I know I have more hiding in my garage and they will slowly be added to my yard too. I never want it to look junky so sometimes I vary what gets put out.

Last, but not least, is my outdoor cat. All of my real cats are indoor cats so I needed one for outside too. He sits at my front door and greets visitors. What? I sound like I'm losing it? Oh, my friends, I lost my mind a LONG time ago!

Hope you enjoyed the tour! Do tell...how does your garden grow this summer?

Happy weeding!


  1. Nice whimsy among all the beautiful plants. I like the cat the best.

  2. Thanks so much, Barbara! We are in agreement then...I like the cat best too :)


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