Friday, October 21, 2011

A Sunday Drive.

If you live in Minnesota, you know that Fall is a very big deal. With the leaves changing, the apple orchards in busy mode, and preparation for Winter, Minnesotans tend to make the most of this beautiful season. Especially since we all know that when Fall is over comes...SNOW! So in true Fall mode Jason and I woke up a couple of Sundays ago and decided to go on a drive. Yes, we're ninety. We enjoy these sorts of things and it was a good alternative to doing housework! 

So where should we go? We decided to head to Jason's Alma Mater, St. Olaf College in Northfield. It's a short 40 minutes from the cities, they have a great apple orchard just off the highway, and the St. Olaf campus is beautiful. So off we went...first stopping at "our" coffee shop that we love for some coffee and sandwiches and then we headed out with Tinkerbell in the back seat!

Here's our girl! She's in love with Jason so she's smiling because she gets to go with.

If you're ever in Northfield, I hope you will consider stopping in at Fireside Orchard. It's exactly the way an orchard should be...very small town-like and simple. That said, this place offers EVERYTHING! 

Want pumpkins? They've got em! We got two huge pumpkins for twelve bucks! I almost had a heart attack when I saw how cheap they were! These were some beautiful pumpkins.

The hugest pumpkin in this group was only seven dollars. Um, HELLO! We're not in the city anymore!

Since we had made a bunch of our own jam, we skipped buying any. However, I couldn't resist pumpkin and apple butter. 

They had cheese too! We didn't get any because we didn't have a cooler with us, but I wish we had.

Of course there were apples!

All varieties perfectly sorted! We bought Honeycrisps and Haralsons. YUM!

And look at this great little seating area they had for you to sit and enjoy an apple, some cider, mini donuts or fudge. Loved this.

Then there was the orchard. Next year we will leave Tinkerbell home so we can walk through and pick our own apples. We've already decided that this will be our Sunday drive many, many more times in the future.

What have you done to welcome Fall into your life? Did you go to an orchard and buy two pumpkins, two 5 pound bags of apples, a dozen mini donuts, a gallon and a half of apple cider, apple butter, and pumpkin butter like we did?

I will post part two of our Sunday drive in the next few days so watch for it! Oh, and thanks for hanging in there for our month long break! It's been a crazy month and we appreciate you stopping by to see what we've got going on. We don't want to lose you so we'll get moving on the posts STAT!

Have a fabulous Fall!

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