Friday, September 2, 2011

Friday music...

Lissie and Ellie Goulding. If you don't like this, I think you might just be crazy!

Have you had a chance to see either of them live? If you have, I'm sure it was the best concert ever! Whenever they've been in Minneapolis, I've been out of town. One of these days I will see them.


Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Mini Pick-Me-Up: Mailbox Edition

Hello. Meet my mailbox. He is white and somewhat rusty and only a year old. He was a cheapy... as the cash flow has been tight the last year and we needed to plug up the one built into the house due to mold issues in the winter. 

So. I  decided I needed a little pick- me up at the entry to tide me over until we can paint our house... hopefully next year. A little steel wool, a little left-over white spray paint and a little Hello (you may remember my cousin shared this...and I loved it just as much as she....) and Voila, a mailbox that will even make the mail man smile... 

Enjoy the day! I hope I am here when the mailman comes....

Monday, August 29, 2011

Oh Me, Oh My... I need this dress.

So... I get almost daily emails from Anthropologie. It is the only shop I allow to send me daily emails because I adore just about everything that is sent to me. Today, I received an email with this fabulous layered stripe dress and have a bad case of the needs... wants... no.. needs... no wants.... needs.. Oh, I am so confused and so sad I can't buy this dress right now on the spot. If I could buy it.. I would wear it every day. Promise. Okay and I kind of really love the sofa she is sitting on with the brick wall and the big windows that are looking out to an evergreen forest with a lake just beyond and the huge stone fireplace across from her with a roaring fire..... You see all that too, right? I am sure the bathroom has a fabulous soaker tub too.

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