Thursday, June 28, 2012

Classic style. Can you go wrong?

I don't care what style you sport on a daily basis, everyone needs a classic outfit for wearing to that casual work outing, neighborhood party, or just running errands. Here is mine and it could be yours too...and for cheap! Let me know what you think.

I prefer the French Sailor shirt in red because I think everyone needs some red in their life, but navy blue is equally classic of course. Hop on over to L.L.Bean and get yours for under thirty bucks!

Next head over to J. Crew and pick up the Everyday Chino. Or just head to your local Target because they have great khakis too...

These are my favorite new sandals. I will give you two shoe options because many of you will think these look like kids shoes. I can assure you, though, that they do not look like that when they are on your feet. I love these in gold. Paint your toenails a flashy color and sport these with your casual new outfit. 

Remember these? I bought a pair of Tretrons last summer, threw them in my closet and forgot about them. I used to wear these in high school, my friends. Do I need to mention that I graduated from high school in 1989? I didn't think so. Go buy these. They are comfortable, stylish, and classic.

So there is my preppy, classic outfit for you this summer. I promise that I will be back with some of the things I've done around my house in the next few days too. I know this is actually a home blog, I just haven't been motivating myself to take pictures of my home. I will change that and you will benefit from it. Have you done some new things around your house?


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