Friday, June 24, 2011

The art of aging...gracefully!

I don't like facials. GASP! I know all of you are thinking I'm completely off my rocker right now but let me explain! I'm not a huge fan of being touched by other people and I'm a tiny bit claustrophobic. I find that when I go in for a facial I get a little bit freaked out when the steam is blowing all over my face for ten minutes. It feels like someone is trying to smother me. Plus I feel so greasy when I walk out that I go home and wash my face anyway. If you saw my hair and lack of make-up when I leave you would understand. I could never, ever, ever have a facial and go someplace afterwards. It would NOT be a pretty picture. My hair is generally completely greased back and I always have to go home and wash it. In the end facials seem like a lot of work on my part.

That said, I am almost 40. In a month... don't remind me! My skin is changing more than I ever thought. This past year I really started noticing the changes. I never had acne when I was growing up and all of a sudden I have occasional acne. The fine lines on my face are increasing rapidly and I have brown spots even though I don't spend a ton of time in the sun and I wear sunscreen on my face. I'm happy to get old but feeling sad about the aging aspect of that. I always felt like I wouldn't rule out injectables. GASP again! Yes, I'm talking botox and stuff like that. It's too early for all of that at this point, but I would never judge anyone for doing it. Instead of doing anything drastic I decided to get one of these:

I got mine on about a month ago. They offer free shipping and if you order one soon enter SKIN20 and you will get 20% off. That will bring it down to about $120. Honestly, including the tip, that's about as much as one facial would cost. I used mine twice a day for the first week and now I use it once a day. I really like it. I am breaking out less and my face feels really clean and invigorated. It feels like more dirt and make-up is scrubbed off when I use it, but it isn't abrasive on your skin.

In no way am I being paid to promote the Clarisonic Mia. I just wanted to pass it on to you so you can get a great deal on one if you have thought about getting one. If you already have one you can also use the SKIN20 code on replacement brushes. If you have the Mia, let me know what you think! If you want one, now is the time to buy one!

If you've found the fountain of youth please private email me so that I can get there before everyone else!


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