Thursday, June 23, 2011

A summer chair to fall in love with...

I was at Target yesterday and saw that most of their patio furniture and accessories are now 50% off. They had a ton of stuff at the Target that I was at so, if you need anything, go soon to score a great deal! I wanted to go on and see what they had online and I found THIS:

Do you think it's on sale? Of course NOT! However, I think the $174 price tag is still really good. I always have an Adirondack chair in my front yard and I would love to have this one. I was going to stay away from red, but I really love this. It's made from FSC certified wood too so I would feel good buying it.  Do you know what that is? It is the Forest Stewardship Council's certification system to be sure that the forest where this wood is harvested from is well taken care of...including the wildlife, which is really important to me. Do you love Adirondack chairs as much as I do?


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