Friday, May 20, 2011

Mini Pick-Me-Up #2 Part 2. Husband gets in on the action.

Well, now it rains again. This was scheduled for tomorrow, but with the impending rain it got pushed up to today. It was clear for a bit and now it rains.. but a lot was accomplished. As you can see my husband Eric got in on the action and you can tell by his sagging swoop that it is raining and has been for a bit. What a love he is. My daughter wanted to hang out and watch, so she made herself a lovely little nest.
 And.. I just found out that to make this area level we need to remove 24" of dirt from the area at the bottom of the photo which is the "top" of this area and move it elsewhere or create 2 terraces and remove only 12" of dirt from said area. Oye... Oye.. Oye... Either way that is a lot of dirt to move.

 Check out that saggy do! 

Avery in her outdoor nest.

Wow. What are we doing.


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  1. 1) This pick me up does not seem "mini" to me!
    2) I'm stressing and it's not even my yard! But,
    3) I have faith that you will make it pretty!

  2. It will be a labor of love for Eric that is for sure. He was exhausted last night when I got home. I do hope it looks good. Due to the large quantities of dirt we have to move and things we can't do anything about due to lack of funds, it should be interesting!


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