Monday, May 16, 2011

You look fancy...some great finds to wear to all of your summer events!

Summer is coming and it's time to get your party dress on. Here's a great summer outfit that will get you through all of your fun summer outings. It's pretty classic so you can wear it next summer too.

The classic shift dress is great on all figures. You can find this one at
Now head over to Macy's and get these sexy summer shoes. Buy them in nude so you are understated, yet elegant. Your legs will look a mile long!

Etsy is the perfect place to find great jewelry that is original and handmade. These earrings are perfect since you won't need to wear a necklace with the dress.

If you want to add a bracelet, I think this one is divine! I found it on
Etsy just like the earrings. It's the perfect mix of bling and vintage!

I hope summer is coming to a town near you, now go get dressed up!


  1. wow - i feel like hiring you as my personal shopper :D you are full of great ideas. Now please do me a favor and find me a similar dress for under $50, i won't be able to justify this one :(

  2. I would love to be your personal shopper! I can find you a great dress for $50....I know it. Let me know when we can go shopping together.


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