Saturday, May 21, 2011

Loot. Garage Sale & Farmer's Market.

Avery and I scored today! First at a garage sale.  It was at the cutest house that I just love on Upton Ave. S. I knew they would have some cool stuff. After that we headed over to the new Fulton Neighborhood Farmer's Market. I am hoping to have a booth there from time to time showcasing urban drool.

Enjoy our looting showing...
 Avery got a dog. Fake of course.  ;)  He is actually from Amsterdam. Quite a deal at $0.25. 

 Awww... We are calling him Rosta Dog..Since the crochet pattern looks like the Jamaican Rosta Hats.

 I got a cup & saucer to add to my collection. $3.00 Super deal and very cute.

 I couldn't pass him up at only $2.00! Eric groaned when he saw this. ;)

Now off to the farmer's market. It was a welly day as you can tell. 
Even with the rain there were lot's of people and lot's of buzz. This will be an exciting market to watch grow. Only locally grown and hand made at this market, which makes it very fun to shop. I am hoping to have a booth here from time to time showcasing urban drool. It is located next to Woullet's Bakery just off of 50th. Super easy to find. As it is easily seen from 50th. Perfect location.

 Cute market gear as well! A t-shirt is in my future I suspect. Grey and great logo design. Who could resist! Oh, and a cute onesie to boot.

 Of course Avery had to buy some real maple syrup. Below you will notice where it is made.. 

 Arkansaw, WI. This is funny for our family because my husband is from Arkansas, the state, but was born in Wisconsin. Which is where the bulk of his extended family still lives..... 

 Next door was Matt & Garrett's Plants... Where we picked up 2 cherry tomato plants and 2 butter boy tomato plants and some basil. I can almost taste the caprese salad.. Yum..

 We spent a good amount of time with this gal, talking plants... and picked up purple sage and a chocolate mint plant to add to the garden. Avery's picks. I think anything with the word chocolate is worth buying in her world.

 This gal also helped me solve a mystery in my garden. I have this plant growing all over in my garden, front and back gardens. Last year I literally had 1... yes, count that... 1... plant. 1 stem with 1 flower.. only in the back garden. Now it is all over and spreading like wild fire.. I will show you pictures later. What the mystery plant is... Bee Balm. Mine is a dark hot pink. Coolest flower ever. Though I am not sure about the amount of spreading growth. I found out that I probably have the squirrels to thank for the spreading.

Oh, yes.. I also got a poppy plant from this gal. Can't wait to get this all in my garden and watch it grow! 
Well. There you have it. My loot from a successful, but rainy, market morning! I hope you enjoyed the mini peek of the market as well. There is a lot more to see, shop and taste. Oh....I almost forgot.. actually I did forget to get a photo of the booth.. I scored some lamb brats for Eric. Yummy. These were from Braucher's Sunshine Harvest Farm. Can't wait to try them.


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