Monday, May 23, 2011

The truly mini - Mini Pick-Me-Up #3. Sewing edition.

This weekend I decided to have a play date with Ricky. Just for me. no burp cloths, blankets, pillows, skirts for Avery.. Something just for me. A few weeks ago I purchased a kit to make the cutest fabric scarf from Sewtropolis. The pattern is from Anna Maria Horner and is called 'Figuring 8'. This scarf is worn in a figure 8 pattern around your neck.. I took a few photo's along the way and love, love, love my new scarf..

 Pinning the rights sides together... I did learn to pin one side at a time as the fabric shifts along the way while sewing. I had a little shifting and had to do some minor trimming but overall not so bad.

 For those of you who have not met Ricky yet, say 'Hello!' This is Ricky the Riccar. He is my mother's old sewing machine still a chugging away after about 30 years of hard labor.

 This was the fun part. I am being facetious for those of you who don't know me. Next you aline the bottom edges after you sew the 2 long sides together. This was nothing short of an amazing feat for me. The edges didn't want to line up properly and for some reason an half an inch one side did not match the half inch on the other.. argh. major fudging here. After sewing the velveteen (the gold fabric) together you next blind stitch the sateen fabric (the purplish one) together to give it a nice finished edge. Yes, it looks nicer than a top stitch but it was so painful, I couldn't bear to photograph it...
If you go to Anna Maria's site she does a great job of photographing the process.

 But alas, I finished and love the outcome... 

My newest scarf addition. Love it and can't wait for fall. Knowing Mother Nature in Minnesota that should be in about 2 weeks. ;) Ha. Ha. 

Have a great day folks! Thanks for stopping!


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