Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Simple Summer Style...on a budget!

I've given you a couple of outfit options in the past but this time I decided to find a great outfit on a budget. With gas climbing to $4 a gallon I feel like it's time to be realistic when it comes to spending. There are so many great things out there if you just spend some time looking. Again, stick to the classics and you won't have any regrets! You will be able to pair all of the items that I have suggested in my style posts with many things you already have....and for years to come.

So we will start with this super cute ruffle tank. Get it in white because you will look fabulous in this when you have a little color. Please wear sunscreen though...I am here to tell you that age spots do happen! On your face! Don't ask me how I know, and don't assume that I bought a really super expensive prescription skin bleach cream to get rid of them! Also don't assume that I learned my lesson and stay out of the sun at all times. Learn from my mistakes!  Back to this's $8....yes, $8! Bargain!

Now lets add this really cute and bright ruffled boyfriend cardigan. It's lightweight and you can push up the sleeves. It's casual and cute, but more important it is classic with a twist! The price is right on this at under $23! It would be cute with white jeans, blue jeans, skirts...whatever you have in your closet.

How cute are these?! I'm not one for short shorts. I guess I'm a "leave something to the imagination" sort of girl. If you prefer them shorter, go for it! I won't judge. These are about $27. Remember, they are classic. Stay the same size (I have not mastered this) and you will wear them for a few years. Especially if you live in Minnesota like Alyssa and I do. Summer is a very short season here! You can find all three of the above pieces at Old Navy. Watch for sales because they are always having a sale for 15% off it seems.
Let's keep the shoes simple and go with white. You can wear them with anything and they're flat. These are from Macy's and they are on sale for about $20.  Macy's always ships for free so if you can't get there just order online!

Etsy, Etsy, ETSY! I told you it's my addiction. Go there and get this cute little mod bird necklace for $15 and you are all done with your simple, budget friendly summer outfit. You're going to look so cute! Not that you don't look cute every single day of your life, but you're going to look ULTRA cute when you wear this. You'll feel cute too! I promise.

Happy shopping!

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