Sunday, May 22, 2011

Mini Pick-Me-Up #2.... Day 3. Not So Mini Anymore.

 I'm Sinking.. 
Eric & Kai having a little fun in the midst of our backyard debacle. 

 Once upon a time. There was a concrete sidewalk here. Now it is covered in mud. The end.

 This is the part where it gets bigger. Our final solution is to not remove dirt but move 12" of dirt from the west side of the backyard to the east side. We were going to stop at the garden, which would have made it a sunken garden by 12". Now, we are doing this on the cheap, but I still want it to look good. So.... today I came up with the solution to move all the plants and then level the dirt all the way to the garage. See plants above in their new temporary trough. Thankfully, I have not planted the vegetable garden yet.. so this was all possible. We are now on a bit of a time line because I need to get these guys back some where permanently and I have all of my loot from the weekend to plant still as well... On a sunshiney note the lilac has now bloomed. Scratch the screen & sniff folks. Just kidding. Sorry to tease. Wouldn't that be cool though!

 I did not want to move the Allium however as it is almost ready to bloom.. so we barricaded that against the tiller.. whenever we can get back to doing that. Which won't happen until the backyard dries out. Please let it be sunny for a few days.

And yet more rain... needless to say we did not get all the plants moved yet... due to this wonderful storm.

Well. That is all from day 3. Wish us luck and sun. We need both at this point.


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