Friday, May 27, 2011

Pinterest Post. Organization.

 Super smart addition to a closet door. Genius! Found here. Next week I will clean up Avery's closet and share my American girl organization secret with you all.

 Crafty fun and great crafty storage. Found here.

 Drawers under the benches. Again. Genius! No more wasted space. Found here. There are some great kitchen ideas on this blog... I will be spending some time here when I get back for sure.

So cute... I love this. Found here. Oh, ps... those are tension rods to create the slots and only Martha could make cutting boards look this good. 

One last image for good measure.
If I had time... all the toilet paper rolls in my house would look this good.

Found here.

......with that I am headed to the cabin for a quiet weekend... 


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