Thursday, May 26, 2011

Mini Pick-Me-Up #2... Day 4 & 5... More Rain.

Well. It seems to want to rain. A lot. Which has not boded well for getting work done on what I am now calling our backyard debacle. :) That is a wry smile if you can't tell. Eric, my honey, did get some work done the other night before it rained again and made considerable progress. Unfortunately, the photo's do not do this justice in showing how much dirt was moved.. but believe me it was considerable. About 6+ inches have moved away from the sidewalk as you sort of can tell. Thankfully it is not going to rain tonight or tomorrow am... so Eric will be able to get lot's done during that time. Enjoy the show!

 Pushing the dirt back with the tiller... He is getting to be a pro! 

 Aww.. Ain't he cute! My farmer boy. 

 You can kind of see the mound he moved here. In real life it is quite impressive.. 

I also had to share the first garden harvest of the year. Our asparagus! So cute and yummy! 

Ciao for now... 

Oh and ps.. this dirt smells like manure! Yuck.. I bet you are glad the computer screen is not the scratch and sniff variety. I will be glad to get this covered.

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