Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Urban Style

I thought I'd share some chic urban style to wear shopping, lunching, or barbecuing. Mix and match these simple pieces with other things you have in your wardrobe already...

You will find this tunic on Etsy for $40. It's one of those things that will never go out of style. It's just a cute retro-vintage sort of classic and the colors are so perfect for summer!

Pair the tunic with these slim leg jeans from Land's End. You can even roll the jeans up so you'll have a couple of wide cute! They are simple dark denim jeans and they cost $59.50. CHEAP for jeans and you can wear them all winter too. You'll be wearing them with some cute riding boots this winter!

Next let's throw on some comfy ballet flats in silver. These are from Nine West and they're on sale for $41.40. They still have a wide variety of sizes so get them quick if you want them. Nothing says comfort like ballet flats. I think they look great with jeans or skirts.
These earrings will go great with your new urban style and you'll be able to wear them with anything! They have gold (brass) and silver in them and we all know that a combination of the two means you can't go wrong. They are $24 and two and a half inches long. Go for big earrings!

These are just some ideas. Buy all of this for a great outfit or pick and choose things to buy and wear with what you already have. All of it will look urban and chic for a year or two...unless you live in New York where you are required to constantly update your style to look current. I think that in the midwest and other urban and suburban areas all of this stuff will look great for quite a while!

Remember to try different combinations of clothes in your own closet too. If you like how things look and it's comfortable there aren't many rules. Fashion these days is a great mix of fun vintage, crazy color schemes and hip new trends all thrown into one.

What's your favorite thing to wear these days? I'd love to hear!

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