Friday, July 8, 2011

Today's Etsy!

I'm really in love with my find today. I want to have about twelve kids PRONTO so that I can have one with 12 little pendants. However, that is not going to happen so I will leave that part to you. These might be a little more expensive than the things I would normally show you but well worth it!

Did your parents have one of these made of your profile when you were a kid? Mine did! I think they are some of the most charming little treasures to wear around your neck. I am going to order a necklace with four pendants. They will be of Curtis, Chloe, Sonny and three cats and dog. Okay, call me crazy I won't do that. BUT if my husband were to go through the trouble I would wear it every single day! 

If you have already had 12 children, please email me ASAP. I will throw you a party at my house AND buy you one of these with twelve pendants!


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