Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Back Yard update #367.. With a steal of a deal!

Yes.. the backyard is still under way... although we are getting closer! We now have stairs. Woot! Love them.. Love them.. Have I told you I love them? We also invested in an umbrella this weekend. We will soon have 2 because I ordered one from West Elm, but it hadn't arrived yet and it was hot, hot, hot yesterday. Now that we have the umbrella's we needed covers to protect them when they are not up.. and boy oh boy did I get a steal of a deal on these! (Note: the umbrella was a steal as well.. $26 with my discount at Pottery Barn and a $50 gift card I had. So happy! Love my deals!)

 Digging out for the ground work. 

 Hmm. What next?


 What I found while he was working.. a wasps nest at the back door! Eek! 

The boys (Eric & friend Ashley) enjoying the new stairs and watching the little white puffs float by.... I'll be honest. There were a few beers involved. A cape cod or two, some spiked lemonade and a margarita. Not totally sure who had what but those were our options that day!
 The new umbrella... It kept 6 people well protected from the sun... treats on the ottoman.... and fun to be had! It was cute. We moved all the blue chairs under  the umbrella and were huddled up together. Eating of course. Though with the new umbrella and my need to protect things.. I wanted to get a cover.. 

Can you sort of see that price in the blurry picture? $3.98! Thank you Target. 

 Fits Perfect! 

 Trouble.. watching the world go by. 

Only the garden to finish moving and we will be done! 


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