Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Pinterest Post - Celebrations!

I hope you had a happy, fun and relaxing 4th of July celebration. We had a nice impromptu party that ended in a walk around the neighborhood visiting other friends. There are so many fun things to celebrate in life. So today, I thought  I would share some fun celebration ideas for the many other things we celebrate throughout the year. Enjoy!

 Anytime is the best time for a backyard celebration. Celebrate anything from being done for work to a beautiful day. Collect vintage table cloths & dishes, have the kids decorate white napkins with fabric markers and some candles and fun people and away you go! 

 We all see the typical triangle bunting.. and here is a cute take on this old tradition with a soft rounded edge. Fun patterns and colors to add to the ambiance of what you are celebrating.
 You can find out more at... Martha Stewart Weddings ..

Cute table scaping idea for a rustic celebration..
 The ever dreaded kids table... needs to be dreaded no more! Fun is to be had at this little table!
 You can find this and more here.

 PomPom bunting... Can you say love.. and yours for $20.00! 
Find it here.

 I finishing with this cake because I am in love with the pompom decoration and red cake plate! What fun is this!! The garland can be yours for $18... and the cake you must make! Find it here.

Enjoy your celebrations! 


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