Tuesday, August 23, 2011

My beautiful new chandelier!

Well, the boob light is gone. It had to be done, I couldn't stand looking at it for one more day!

Remember this? This 1980's style light with the lovely brass? It is no longer to be! Well, actually I saved it in case we move since I'm not leaving my chandelier behind!

So here's what I found! After a friend of mine saw our blog, she sent me an email telling me she had this wonderful chandelier that she was selling. And now...it's mine all mine!

Isn't it lovely? It's an 8 arm chandelier that is from (I'm thinking) the 1930's. I love, love, love it! I think it would be so cute with little shades on it too, but right now I will just enjoy it as is.

A huge thank you to my friend. Oh, and a small plug to the coffee shop she is part owner of...The Coffee Shop Northeast. Remember I featured them a while back? If you have yet to go for a visit, please do! You will not be disappointed. You will go for coffee and stay for lunch. This I can guarantee!

Oh how I love replacing out of style light fixtures!



  1. I have this same chandelier hanging in our dining room!!!

  2. Have you put shades on it or "fancied" it up at all? I love this chandelier! I want it in every room....so don't get rid of it...and if you do, you know who to call!

  3. Wow! I have a very similar one in my dining room, too. When we first moved in I put little lampshades on it, and didn't like. Every once in a while, I consider painting it, but since we have an older house I feel sort of like I need to take care of it and not mess it up, because in 30 years we'll be like,what's up with that antique chandelier being all painted black?

    Anyhow, it is fabulous!

    Oh, a few years back, my husband put a medallion around the ceiling connector, makes it look even more fab!

  4. Funny you should say that, Jen! I need to put a medallion up too, but mostly because I don't want to paint the ceiling after the boob light! DON'T paint it! I agree...you'll look back in a few years and think WHY DID I DO THAT?! I'm glad to know that you tried shades and didn't like them...I was going to do that but I will skip it now.

    Next on my list is a dimmer for that room. When I go in there at night and turn on the light, it is so bright that I'm pretty sure every neighbor is outside watching and waiting for me to do some kind of song and dance...I will spare them that nightmare and just dim the light from now on!



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