Friday, April 8, 2011

Another day, Another Door Knob....

Door knobs. How exciting! Recently, we changed out our entry door knobs from this:

To this....

The wonderful cipher lock. We did this because of my inability to take my keys out of the door after I unlocked it and my supreme ability at locking myself out on a regular basis... yep, almost weekly at times. Once I locked myself out during a mini show storm. Thankfully, my husband saved me after only 30 minutes of trying to snuggle and stay warm in my storm door. The added bonus is that the kids can get in anytime they need to and don't need a key to open it. Ahh, the wonders of technology. Now my only request is design... because the top one is a total yawn of a design if you ask me. The next one although, I like the cipher part, the handle is a little too curly cue for our 1950's rambler. When I was in Copenhagen I saw this... and sooo want it for our house. Now only if it came as a cipher lock. :) 

William the Walrus. Isn't he the cutest! 


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