Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Summer is coming to an end, but not if you planted Zinnias!

For the past ten years we have planted Zinnias at our house because of their wonderful pop of color. We line our walk up to the house with them and watch everyone walk by and enjoy them. I get lots of "What are these beautiful flowers?!" as people walk by. I see the neighbor kids sneaking a couple of them every now and then too. There are plenty, so I'm glad to share.

Here is how they look en masse...

Aren't they a great way to say hello and goodbye to visitors? I think so! 

Zinnias are also a great cutting flower. I always combine them with greenery from my pots and they are an instant centerpiece....and free! 

Aren't they pretty? If you have some little areas in your garden that need a color boost, try these sweet little flowers. The bang for your buck is enormous!

Hope you're enjoying the end of your summer!

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