Sunday, June 26, 2011

My modern (dream) life.

If you've looked at my home under the Stacy's House tab on our homepage, you have probably gotten a good sense of my decorating style. I generally do a mix of Traditional pieces with French Country and some whimsy thrown in too. Over the years my style has evolved from stuff I didn't necessarily love to only having things in my home that I absolutely love. I have gotten rid of a lot in the past few years in order to simplify my life. I always try to pass my stuff along to friends who I know like it, save a little for my daughter when she has her own place, and donate it to the local thrift store. I finally like my style and have settled into a look that makes me feel comfortable and glad to be at home. I've tried to make it inviting to other people too and I consider it the biggest compliment when people tell me that my home feels "cozy." Who doesn't want to be cozy? I have a friend who went through some stressful times in her life and would come to my house to take a nap on my couch. I'm completely serious! I would be in the kitchen cooking and going about my business and she'd be laying on my couch napping. It made me feel good that she felt comfortable enough at my house to do that.

I have matured over the past five years or so in terms of my style. Considering I'm entering my 40's soon, it's about time! It's been hard for me to get rid of STUFF because I always associated STUFF with cozy and charming. I've let that myth go for good. I'm trying to embrace organization, simple living and a more sparse environment. I will never master this and that is a fact. During this "evolution" I have started to appreciate modern decor more than ever. In my younger days I considered it too cold and sterile. Now I consider it organized and conducive to easy living. I would consider trading my cozy home decor if I could have each and every one of the chairs I am about to show you in a more modern home.

I would need to have the Eames Molded Plywood chair in red. More than one would be appreciated. I find them really comfortable and at around $500, they should be!

The Eames Lounge Chair and Ottoman are classics. In a modern sort of way. I remember going to a friend's house when I was a kid and they had one. I thought it was the ugliest thing I had ever seen but I loved lounging in it. At, roughly, $4000.00 I will never have one of these unless I find one on a curb for free someplace. Highly doubtful!

I may need to settle for the Kartell Louis Ghost Chair. I can find one for about $400 and it would fit in well with my current style. Though I love these chairs mixed in with more modern home styles.

Then, of course, there is the womb chair and ottoman. I love it in orange. My modern life would be all white with orange pops of color. Orange is one of those colors I gravitate too. I don't want to wear it, but I wouldn't mind living with it. These run about $700 so there is a possibility that I could see one in my future. I have no idea where I would put it, but I would never get out of it once I found a place for it to live.

I will have to continue to live in a modern world in my dreams. My house was built in 1941 and I have tried to be loyal to keeping it's charm and character in place. Maybe our NEXT house will be modern. If there is a NEXT house...but for now I'm quite happy here.


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