Thursday, June 30, 2011

An urban bedroom.

If you noticed here that you didn't see any pictures of my bedroom, it's because I didn't post any. My bedroom is in a constant state of upheaval. It needs to be painted and I need to decide on a color scheme. STAT. Things have come and gone from our room more than any other place in our house. I think I like something, I buy it, and then I get sick of it. The master bedroom is in the upper half story of our urban home and the only time we are up there is at night. It's not a place that I want to spend lots of my free time but I want to change that! Here's what I've been looking at for bedding. That seems to be my biggest issue, and the thing I change my mind about the absolute most. I could have sent our daughter to college with the money I've spent on bedding. Don't tell my husband!

I've found all of the bedding at West Elm. I think I'm in love with all of it. So here goes:

I would like these grey and white striped sheets. I am in love with stripes. They feel cozy to me. However, the little wrinkle in this bedding would drive me nuts. Couldn't they just have made it all smooth? They had to make it all messy looking? Sheesh!

I need this quilt. I love the masculine stripe with the feminine ruffles. This is shaping up to be my dream bed.

Next I will need 4 of these pillows. I will get them for my husband since he loves removing mass amounts of pillows from the bed before he can get it. I might as well make him happy! Toothy grin...

Then I will take the dark grey throw you see in the pile below. 

Now for my pop of color, I will have some nice person buy this rug from Anthropologie for me. The size I want is only (just under) a thousand dollars. Go buy your lottery ticket and I promise this is all I will ask for when you win. I'm being very positive, too, because I think you're gonna win this time! I can just feel it!

So that is what I am thinking for our room. Soon I will post pictures and see what you think of it up there. It needs a mini-overhaul. I say "mini" because I am going to do it on a budget. I guess I'll be looking for a different rug. 


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