Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Glutton for Punishment. Yep. That is me.

So. Do you remember that post in which I shared all the things I did not get done? If not. Click here. If you do. Read on. 

I finally got around to painting the trim post new door installation. Only 9 months since the door was installed. Not bad. I had this feeling this was going to end up being a bigger project, which is why I kept putting it off. Well as you can see below. It is a much bigger project. I am now painting the whole darn room. Since I was doing touch up on the door I thought I would do some touch-up on the walls as well. Unfortunately for me, I did not have any of the paint left from the living room. Boo. I tried to match and of course was unsuccessful. Also the trim paint came out tons darker than it is. Which I did not like. So I threw caution to the wind and in complete frustration I decided to paint the whole room white. Trim and all. The old trim color is white with a little grey tinge to it... not cool. Just go true white if you are painting the trim white. It makes life so much easier! Anyhow.. enjoy the show.


 What a mess. 

 Ahh... some water got in and bubbled the paint.. so I thought I would clean that up as well.

 I tried.. to no avail. AF-96 was close but not close enough. Boo. :(  Now what color.

 Look at those bookcases. Filled to the brim. Should be fun to move! Note: that was sarcasm.

 The dining area.... Usually not this messy, but now...   The "valance" above the window was made by Avery and our neighbors daughter Miranda. They had a ball and the color was so fun we hung it up as a curtain.
Wow. What a difference a true white is. Now to hit the walls.

Well. The white is bright! I can't wait to get this done. To be done and to rearrange some of our knickknacks.

From tan to white. Wow. Wish me luck in finishing this weekend. Good news though. The back yard should be finished and ready for planting tonight! Woot!

Ciao for now!


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