Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Pinterst Post... Fun, Colorful, Crafty Reuses of Furniture!

 This brings new meaning to relaxing in the tub. This piece is a want for me! 
Alas.. I cannot give credit to this as I cannot find where it is! So bummed.

 Hello Color!Love this reinvention of furniture. Fun vibrant and ready to party. The Designer is Zoe Murphy from Marget, (in England) . She participated in the Mid Century Modern Show At Dulwich College in London. Read more here. A bit behind this times.. this show was over a year ago.

Love this.. my three new/old favorite colors. 
The Japanese firm Playmountain created this fun modular piece. You can see the modular part a little better if you click on the photo to see it bigger. Notice the multiple legs on the side. Read more here.



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