Thursday, July 14, 2011 style!

I'm getting married! Wait, I am married. I'm going to get married again then. I'm going to make my husband ask me to marry him and have a second wedding. I mean, seriously, I have better taste now than I did the first time. It's gonna happen. Watch!

So since I'm having a second wedding, here is what it will look like. Don't even act like it's not going to happen or you aren't getting an invitation. I'm serious.

So here's where the dinner will be held. I have no idea where I found this picture, but let's pretend it's in the French countryside. Yes, I'll pay to fly you all in. Stop freaking out about getting to my wedding!

I'm going to have these mason jar candles all over the place. You see, it will be darker than the above picture at my wedding dinner. We'll need this lighting for ambiance! It'll make all of us look young and beautiful.

I will have these all over the table. I like flat stuff. No knocking it over and ruining the par-tay!

I will have these for place cards. You know I like birds! Instead of having your name on them they will say, "Sit where you want! I don't need to tell you what to do!" Secretly, I will hope you sit by people you don't know, and those people will become people that you are friends with.

I am going to have the chef make blue cheese burgers because I love them. It is MY wedding! We will eat these burgers on fresh buns from the boulangerie up the French path a couple kilometers.

We'll eat lots and lots of beautiful fruit.

Then we'll eat lots and lots of red velvet cupcakes. If you want to you can have more than one. I won't tell anyone. I just want you to be fat and happy!

Before you leave I will need you to step into the photo booth and pose with these. I need some laughs for after this shindig is over because I'll be depressed! I'll send you the pictures of yourself too. I'm a good sharer.

The above activity will be much more fun because I'll have you drinking lots of gin and tonics. You'll be thirsty after the blue cheese burgers.

After all this fun, you will all go home with full bellies and talk about how fabulous my wedding was. While you are at home, Jason and I will be here. It's our new house!

I'm not sure this second wedding thing is gonna work. Maybe I just need to plan a backyard party.

Hope you enjoyed my wedding!

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