Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Oh, How my Garden Grows....

 The 5 foot tall Dahlia... (bloomed on Sunday)

 This was 5x more full last year.. a bummer spring we had.. 
Hopefully it will be amazing again next year!

 We did not plant monster sunflowers this year, due to the terrible spring... but this lone guy popped up anyhow.... we are trying to get him to stand tall and proud now.  He was beaten down after a storm.

 Compost tomato's. Yup. Crazy!
Now to wait and see what kind of tomato it is! 
Also... because we used compost in the front pot, we have a tomato there as well. I will share that later. 

Fallen Morning Glory.... we lost the vine trellis and our grape trellis in the same storm the sunflower was flattened... and have yet to get it up.. so these guys just grown all over... 

How does your garden grow? 


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