Sunday, June 12, 2011

Backyard update - Mini Pick-Me-Up #2 almost complete

We are almost finished with our backyard project. So exciting, I know. We can hardly wait and we can almost feel the cypress mulch under our feet.

It's flat. It's flat! I can hardly believe it is flat!

Check it out from this perspective. Flat again. Amazing. Ok, I know you are not impressed.  If you could see it in real life you would be impressed.

Well, with this much flatness in our world we decided to have a little christening with the fire pit. (Eric added the first pass of black fabric on our main walkway.) My good friend Lisa came over earlier in the night.. The Laura and Bear stopped by a bit later. We had a few bottles of wine a fire and some laughs for a wonderful evening. 

The fantastic fire we got started from the first swish of the match.

Trouble & Hazel enjoying the new digs.

Peek. from behind 67 bags of Cypress Mulch. Yup. 67.

Later in the evening the fire was so hot we had some amazing blue flames.

 Finally some s'mores... Lisa made a run home for the fixin's and I think it is going to be a must around our house as well. 

Thanks for joining us at our inaugural fire in new backyard. This was last Wednesday. We have since added the mulch and have placed the furniture. Today we are moving all the plants later in the day and then I will post the final reveal tomorrow! Have a great Sunday.

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