Friday, June 10, 2011

Occasional sales! Are you hip to these?

Alyssa and I have found some good occasional sales, close to our homes, pretty recently. Do you know about these? They are sales that generally take place on weekend a month. Believe me, the women who run then need a full month to get things prepared for these. They work very hard to collect furniture, lighting and many other great things and then display them. The vignettes that they put together are outstanding. Just try to go to one of these sales and not find something to buy. I dare you!

Yesterday Alyssa, Avery and I ventured to one of our favorite sales in Anoka, Minnesota....The Loft on 2nd. It was fabulous as usual! They had fun things like succulents planted in great little pots, cowboy boots for great prices, and some wonderful and fun furniture! If you live in Minnesota, it is worth going. They have a great selection of eclectic pieces and bargain prices. You really can't beat it!

I LOVE these lights! The fact that they thought to use huge round light bulbs makes them even cuter. I may have to go back this weekend to see how much they are. First I need to find a place to put them!

Here's Avery sitting in an old metal garden chair. Avery is such a great little shopper. She doesn't complain about a thing and goes with the flow. You probably can't see it, but Alyssa bought her the scarf that she has around her neck. Did I mention they have really cute clothing there too? Slightly used and very hip! Again, the prices are great!

Glass cloches seem to be very in style right now. They had lots of them this time around and I would have gotten one if I had a place for it. In a future post I will show you what I got. I think a cloche would look so cute over a succulent plant of some sort. Put it on the coffee table in your living room to bring the garden indoors.

I think this little vignette is so cute! It makes me want to have a dinner party with a bunch of bright colors...and you know I love birds so, of course, this won me over!

This was the greatest buffet. I'm sure it's gone, but Alyssa and I both looked at it. was $195! That's it! I want to get a huge house and shop occasional sales to decorate the whole thing. Maybe you should get a huge house and I will come over and decorate it for you? 

Look in your area for occasional sales. They are a great bargain and you will meet some fabulous, hard-working women who encourage creativity and have fun doing what they do. 

Have a great weekend!
Stacy and Alyssa
Oh, and Avery too!


  1. Thanks so much for doing a blog post on my store! You did a great job and you gals are so talented! Can't wait to see what you do next! jp

  2. We were so happy to feature your sale on our blog! Thanks so much for letting us take pictures and do a post on you...we are always excited for your next sale. YOU are talented and we love your shop!


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