Monday, June 13, 2011

The Backyard.. Basically complete. Mini Pick-Me-Up #2.

Well. At long last the backyard is basically complete. We have a few more plants to get and areas to touch-up other than that we are basically complete. Yay!

Thanks to Eric, my Dad, Kai, and George the college student who helped out on this monster pick-me-up.

 Roll and cut. Repeat.


 Laying out the area for the fire pit... Someday soon we will be digging one into the ground. For now though we are using the one that my friend Lisa so graciously donated with the dog bone leg.

 Noodling some more. 

 Cypress Mulch graveyard. 

 Ella watching the labor in her typical uninterested look.

 The mounds get dumped begin. 

 Post raking. Nice..

 Our new outdoor living room/dining room. 

 We moved some plants on Saturday and the rest yesterday. I'll take some more photo's after everything bounces back. Hope for some heat please!

Saturday night. A very tired Eric. 

 Tilling the weird triangle where we are going to move our hosta and lillies that are shown behind him.

 The grape vine grown in.. you can see it here dead from winter.. ... and the hosta planted. Nice. Now to get our morning glory going again.

 Now that the hosta and lillies were moved we can have our herb garden near the backdoor and kitchen! Yay!

 The plants all moved and getting soaked.

Now back to my living room! A painting I will go.. a painting I will go.. 

Have a  great day! 


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  1. wow! that is a lot of work. looks like fun though. i love a long day of yard work. you sleep so well after! keep it up! :)

  2. Thanks Bianca! A lot of physical labor it was. The goal was to create a flat area for the table to sit on and the chairs too.. so those sitting downhill lose the feeling of falling backwards. It ended up being a $320 project overall. The long retaining wall kicked it up there. Otherwise, it would have only been about $200.

    All the wood is reclaimed from my parents house and past project they did....

    Ps. Yep. We have been sleeping very well of late. I am bone tired after getting the vegetable garden planted today... Thanks for stopping by and following my mini turned monster project...

  3. Also... we don't have to move everything to mow! Yay!


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