Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Hi, my name is Stacy and I'm addicted to home decor blogs....can I be saved???

Tonight as I sit here with a gas leak down the street and a tornado watch until midnight, I have to come clean. It's my dirty little secret. It takes up hours of my time and leaves my husband feeling neglected. I'm seriously trying to "fix" my need to seek out SUPER fabulous decorating blogs and read them non-stop. Once a week or so I hope to post some of my favorites on here so that you will also become addicted. I'm sorry, but I must be selfish. I need others who share this compulsion so that we can form a support group. So, my friends, I will share with you a current favorite! It is called 33 Shades of Green. The link I have just given you is for my absolute favorite room in this very stylish young woman's home. Please look through her whole blog and see for yourself.

You will see things like this:

And this:

And this:

Oh, and THIS!

I really love her sense of style! Now go see the rest of her stuff for yourself!

P.S. She also has some really wonderful and easy recipes!

Happy surfing....see you in therapy!


  1. Hi Stacy - thanks so much for featuring me on your blog - so sweet of you! I'm a little addicted to home decor blogs too...it's why I started my own!
    PS - something is wrong with Blogger and I can't leave comments, so I am leaving this as anonymous...

  2. Hi! We follow your blog like true addicts! Blogger is odd sometimes....I've tried to leave comments on your blog before and had problems too. Thanks for looking!

    Happy blogging,


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