Monday, August 29, 2011

Oh Me, Oh My... I need this dress.

So... I get almost daily emails from Anthropologie. It is the only shop I allow to send me daily emails because I adore just about everything that is sent to me. Today, I received an email with this fabulous layered stripe dress and have a bad case of the needs... wants... no.. needs... no wants.... needs.. Oh, I am so confused and so sad I can't buy this dress right now on the spot. If I could buy it.. I would wear it every day. Promise. Okay and I kind of really love the sofa she is sitting on with the brick wall and the big windows that are looking out to an evergreen forest with a lake just beyond and the huge stone fireplace across from her with a roaring fire..... You see all that too, right? I am sure the bathroom has a fabulous soaker tub too.

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