Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Mini Pick-Me-Up: Mailbox Edition

Hello. Meet my mailbox. He is white and somewhat rusty and only a year old. He was a cheapy... as the cash flow has been tight the last year and we needed to plug up the one built into the house due to mold issues in the winter. 

So. I  decided I needed a little pick- me up at the entry to tide me over until we can paint our house... hopefully next year. A little steel wool, a little left-over white spray paint and a little Hello (you may remember my cousin shared this...and I loved it just as much as she....) and Voila, a mailbox that will even make the mail man smile... 

Enjoy the day! I hope I am here when the mailman comes....


  1. The cousin LOVES it...can't wait to see it! CA-UTE! I will likely stop by today!!!! -S.

  2. Nice Touch! Now just put a cool doorbell from Spore next to it!

  3. Thanks and for sure! Imagine the stucco is a dark grey as well.... next spring hopefully! I love the spore doorbells.


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