Friday, August 12, 2011

A Laundry Room to Love.

Yesterday a friend was asking me for advice about what color to paint her laundry room. I must admit, I am jealous of anyone who has an actual laundry room that can be painted and done up! My "laundry room" is in the basement of my 1941 1.5 story home. The walls are made of block and I have to plug a light in at the ceiling. I have (countless times) unplugged that light and taken off running up the dark stairs to safety late in the night. Yes, I am scared of the dark. I'm pretty sure someone has been lurking in our basement for 13 years waiting to kill me. Can you picture this laundry room I speak of?

I found a few laundry rooms on Pinterest that I have fallen in love with. Honestly, these look like rooms from a Martha Stewart set. Real people do not live like this do they? Well, I guess they do!

Look at this one by Hampton Design...I'm pretty sure half of my upper floor would fit in here. Not to mention that there is more storage in this room than in my WHOLE house!

This next one by Holly Mathis Interiors is probably my favorite. I love the pop of color (from fabric!) and it would fit in very well with my style of home. It feels very cozy and urban to me!

This one from The Painted Home (another great blog you should be following!) is so inviting I would gladly entertain in it! You know, invite the girls over for wine and laundry! Why not?!

The last one I found doesn't have a source. Sorry for that. However, the picture itself will give you great ideas. This laundry room feels like a trip to the beach. It's clean and fresh. Doesn't that seem like the perfect place to do laundry?

If you are lucky enough to have a laundry room, but it's a room that collects junk and has become a place you dread going, why don't you consider making a few small changes? Paint the room, add some functional laundry baskets, a couple of lined baskets for supplies, a fresh rug and some great art! I bet for under $100 you could make it into a room that you don't mind being in! 

If you make some good changes, send us some before and after pics and we will gladly feature them on the blog! What can you do to refresh your space?


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