Thursday, August 11, 2011

Cozy Urban Make-up favorites...

I've found some great new products this summer that will probably be my new favorites for a while. These are not new products, just new to me. I think they probably work well for most skin too! I'm always looking for good make-up so if you have something you use that you love, please share!

My first is by Origins. I found it at Macy's. I have never used foundation in my life! I just turned forty and am searching for something lighter that will even out my skin tone. I didn't want a heavy foundation, but the tinted moisturizer wasn't doing it for me anymore. At $21, this is a super bargain! I got mine in Bisque and it covers fabulously. It's oil free but in no way drying.

Next is my blush. I have always heard about how great NARS blush is in Orgasm. Frankly, the name of the color was always a bit of a turn off to me. I decided to give it a try and am in love with it! It is the perfect peachy-pink color with a very small amount of shimmer in it. I think this would probably be great on everyone. It barely looks like you're wearing blush...very natural!

My third find is something I've actually used for years. I ran out about 6 months ago and bought a cheap version at Target and was hugely regretful. I went back to my old Bobbi Brown standby. If you have brows like mine, you probably need a brow shaper too. I use mine religiously! 

Since we're onto eyes, I will now bring to you my absolute favorite color of eyeliner! It is called Crash by Urban Decay. I'm in love with the color. My eyes are pretty much green these days and it really is a great accent to the neutral shadow I wear. It is pricey at $18, but well worth it!

I've saved the best for last! I have found my new favorite summer perfume! It is a wonderful mix of green and floral without being too heavy or sweet. It is called Hampton Sun Privet Bloom and it is to die for. A light floral that I always get compliments on.

I really believe that when we find things we love, we have to pass them along. It would cost us a fortune to buy all of the things that people claim work! I love every single one of these products and will continue to use them. Really...if you have some favorites, please share!


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