Tuesday, May 3, 2011

My first Mini Pick-Me-Up .... Completed!

   Yay! Well, as you know from my previous post I did not get this done this weekend. Though my lovely husband was nice enough to get the light under the shelving installed on Saturday. Such a love he is.I did the rest yesterday and after some minor measuring issues was finally able to complete this project.

My love of a husband placing the light I purchased from Ikea. Unfortunately for him.. it is one of those under cabinet jobbers. They all were. So, he has to improvise as you can see  below.
He added a piece of wood to give the connection plate the cabinet it needed. 

Next for the install.. Note the other piece of wood above.. again faking out the light into thinking it is attached to a cabinet. Genius, husband, genius!

And we have light! 

Even in the dark. Amazing.. and sort of spooky too.

Next comes the curtain update. I decided to just make it fuller rather than add a color band..

So... I had to cut some off of the existing curtain because I did not buy enough fabric. Measure twice. Cut once. My new motto. 

Now showing that I have not cut too much off. Measure 4 times. Cut once. Updated new motto. Now time to cut some off the other curtain. I am hoping that I don't end up with a curtain that is looking for a flood.

There are those fabulous binder clips. Other people have duct tape. I have binder clips. I prefer to be the gray duck in the crowd. Or goose depending on your locale or age.

Yes. That would be yet another spool of thread almost out. I went through 4 this weekend and before that have never run out of one in my life. I guess I haven't been sewing enough. 

The finished product. A full skirt.. Lighting under the shelving and some little touched of happy in the corner. A vase with fake pink ranunculus and fake baby tear moss with a wire basket behind to store odds and ends of cleaning I may need in this area. I am not usually into fake flowers but down here I am a realist. Nothing will grow. Well upon further thinking maybe a hosta?  :) Oh... I almost forgot. The model in the picture is Ella. She seems to think there is something of interest under that skirt. Bummer for her to only find paint.

Oh and....I thought you might want to have a refresher of what it looked like once upon a time... 
Yuck. I forgot how bad it was.. 

Next on the docket: To find a cute place in my laundry room  to put up these cute little clothespin stickers my lovely cousin Stacy gave me. You can pick your own up here

Ciao for now. Headed to paint that pesky trim in the entry way. 

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