Monday, May 2, 2011

What did not get done this weekend....

    If you are anything like me, then you have many.. many unfinished projects. This weekend we did not have kids and I mistakenly thought, 'Oh, I am going to get so much done!' Yep. That was a funny thought. So, while I did get all of the blankets and burp cloths I made up on my Etsy site and get a couple of blog posts up... which all took more than awhile. I did not really even put a dent in my list. So, now I share with you the projects I did not get done. I hope you will see them completed soon. I did also work on another project this weekend. I can't share that one right at the moment though. I will post something as soon as I am able to.. so you have something to look forward to! :)

My aloe. My sad, sad aloe. It has grown wild and needs to be replanted. After seeing my cousins terrarium, I thought it might be cute to put the aloe in horizontal glass planters on the 2 shelves. I did a little research and found the perfect planter at Crate & Barrel... but they are $29.95 and a little steep for my budget at the moment. So, I am going to try Homegoods and Joann tomorrow.

Next... My truly sad front entry. We changed the door out last fall due to the poor condition our old one was in. This was an affordable option that gave us a bit of a tax credit. We got a new storm door too.. with the pull-down screen. Now, if it only it would get warm so we could use it! Well, with this one, I was hoping to get the trim sanded down and painted again. I have all the items ready to go in the entry, but alas... I did not get to it this weekend. So, hopefully tomorrow. I do have the holes filled in though as you can see from the detail shot. I also need to get the carpet tiles cut at the wing wall and then tape them all together. (Flor tiles) I want to get the sanding and painting done before I connect them so I can easily get them out of the way during "construction". 

To the right of that front door I changed out some frames with kids art that hadn't been changing out due to the advanced age of said kids and lack of art coming home. I was hoping to fill holes and touch up this wall paint. Again. Not done. Argh. This is our front entry. The entry of all things good and money according to the wonderful world of Feng Shui. Money that we could sure use right now and I have this crappy unfinished soon to be warm and inviting front entry.

My laundry bin/ new fabric storage... I got this at Hunt & Gather a few months ago and bought this super cute fabric at Sewtropolis to make a liner for it. Yep. That is as far as it has gotten. Finally... I was also really hoping to get 'My first mini-pick me up' completed... Which did get done today finally. Whew.. at least one thing got done.

I'll post this completed project next.. Enjoy! 


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