Saturday, August 20, 2011

Our recent disappearance!

We're sorry we haven't been on posting much in the past couple of weeks. Summer is winding down and both of us have been busy with chores, vacations, and naps. Alyssa left this morning for her annual family canoe trip for a week and I am working on urban home projects this weekend. 

Please check back this week for some picture hanging ideas, the unveiling of my choice for the front door color (remember this post), and also a picture of the new light fixture we put up when we took down the boob light. I know I shouldn't call it that, but I really dislike that lighting style. I think I was especially disgusted by it because it was shiny BRASS! 

I will have a few great posts this week so please check back often, remember to leave a comment or two, and have you "liked us" yet on Facebook? If not, please do! We'll see you soon...thanks so much for sticking with us this month even though we've been slow on our posts!

-Stacy and Alyssa

But back in a few days!!!

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