Monday, August 1, 2011

Sneak Peak...The front of my house is gonna be a changin'!

I'm leaving on vacation tomorrow, but we've been working to get some things done around the house. The front of the house to be exact! I finally chose a color to paint the front door. NO, I'm not telling you what color! I chose a color for the shutters too and we've gotten a new awning. Everything about the front will be changing after we get back. That, my friends, is when we will complete our makeover on the front of the house! 

We will say goodbye to this look...

Mostly because my husband has been doing a lot of this...

While our cat is doing a lot of this...

What color door do you think I will choose? This one...

Or this one...

By the way, the above person is not me! I found the picture and the name of the yellow color while searching for door colors online.

So what color do you think I chose? I'm not giving you any hints. However, I bet I know what color most of you will please comment and let me know. I can't wait to hear what all of you think. Also, tell me what color your front door is and if you were nervous about painting it or not.



  1. I think I remember you saying that you were in love with lime green, so I am going for the lime. Plus, how cute would a lime door be at Christmas time all decked out with a little more green and some reds. Then Easter time to add some more pastels to it, to make the front ready for Spring. Don't forget Thanksgiving, to have the green with some oranges and fall colors....Endless possibilities with a lime door! Go for it! JoAnna

  2. I will NOT tell! I can't wait to show you! As soon as I get it done, it will be posted. LOVE your ideas for all of the different seasons! JoAnna, what color is your door? In the 12 years that I have lived here, mine has been 5 different colors! Three of those years it has been white because we got a new door and I couldn't decide on a color....yikes! -Stacy

  3. My door is black.... My house is dark gray with white trim and black shutters/accents. We've been in the house for four years and I have never changed it. Not sure what I'd choose if I changed it. Red is too expected, but fun for decorating. I sometimes think a dark, but bright teal, or your bumble bee yellow. It seems like such a hard decision!? Can't wait to see your changes!

  4. You are totally going for the yellow! Either way, I am looking forward to the unveiling!

  5. I think which cousin is correct!? ;)she won't tell me either...

  6. Hmmm....we shall see! JoAnna...Oh what I could do with your house! It's my favorite color combination that you've got going! I think yellow would be fantastic on your house! The yellow that I was looking at is called Yellow rain coat by Benjamin Moore. It seems so cheerful to me! I will post soon! -Stacy

  7. My vote goes to the yellow door! The bright and sunny color will definitely cheer you up in the morning. The green one looks good, too, and the subtle colors will blend well with any sidings.

  8. Marla! Thank you...I did choose the yellow! Really love the color and probably won't change it for a while. I cheers me up, especially in the winter when the weather is dreary. -Stacy


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